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Pastor M.E. Dixon


God saved Michael E. Dixon May 23, 1967 at Indianapolis Baptist Temple in Indianapolis, Indiana. The “Chaplain of Bourbon Street,” Bob Harrington was the guest preacher that evening.


In the early years of his ministry Brother Dixon pastored an old country Church in the lush farmlands of Glenwood, Indiana and was an associate evangelist of Cecil Todd and Revival Fires headquartered in Branson, Missouri. A few years later God called him out to the wild west where he began pastoring a Church in Long Beach, California - that Church would go on to start hosting some of the very first TBN rallies! 


Over the following years Pastor M.E. Dixon would go on to host a television show on TBN called "Open Bible Fellowship" and guest host a radio program on KBRT with Rich Buhler called "Sh'va Presents." These days he's hosting a brand new internet show on his YouTube channel called TheSwordTV and continues pastoring his Church the Seaport Tabernacle in Long Beach, California.


Having searched God’s word daily for nearly 50 years now, Pastor M.E. Dixon continues his mission to communicate who God is and what God says. Dear to our pastor’s heart is to teach others how to study the Bible and seek truth for themselves.


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